At Beaufort Secondary College we pride ourselves on the first-rate facilities we have on offer. These include the Drama Centre, a multi-functional space, ideal for theatre production, music classes, school assemblies and the school’s presentation evening. Adjoining the Drama Centre is a fully equipped Gymnasium, including a Mezzanine level with a specialised exercise/fitness space. There are also two newly constructed Science Laboratories and a brand new kitchen for the Food Technology students.

Science Laboratories

Food Technology Kitchen

Gymnasium and Fitness Facilities

Information Technology Room 

Student Centre and Canteen

Located at the canteen, the Student Centre is another great place students have at their disposal. It offers students an inviting space to enjoy lunch, out of the weather. Combine this with the new outdoor sporting facilities, grounds and gardens and you can understand why we take such pride in our school.The following areas have all undergone recent upgrades –

Food Technology Dining Room

Drama Centre

Outdoor Sporting Spaces

Outdoor Spaces

Drama Centre & Gymnasium