To clarify the enrolment process at Beaufort Secondary College.



Beaufort Secondary College accepts enrolments from within its neighbourhood and in certain cases from families seeking to enrol their child from outside the local neighbourhood area.



As a school within the Victorian public-school sector, our school will comply with all government and department enrolment requirements.  The school will be a school without a zone but with a neighbourhood and it will go through the enrolment process for students who make inquiries from its neighbourhood. For further information about Beaufort Secondary College’s enrolment process please visit the beaufortsc.vic.edu.au website.

Neighbourhood students

All students and a family member or a caregiver will be interviewed by a member of the teaching staff prior to enrolment to ascertain an appropriate year level and learning program.

Neighbourhood students transitioning into Year 7 will not be required to undergo an interview if they participate in the orientation days conducted by Beaufort Secondary College.

Students from outside the local neighbourhood

All students and a family member or a caregiver must be interviewed by a team, usually including the Principal or Assistant Principal, prior to enrolment to ascertain an appropriate year level and learning program. The student’s current or most recent school of enrolment will be contacted to discuss the prospective enrolment.

The enrolment policy of the school will take account of all requirements of laws relating to discrimination, equal opportunity, privacy and immunisation.

It will be an inclusive school and it will provide programs for all enrolees. A Disability and Impairment Program will cater for students who have special learning needs.

An enrolment register will be maintained.  The enrolment register will be kept up to date by the school office staff.  Changes to the register will be done on a daily basis to reflect current student numbers and movement of students into and out of the school.  Student destinations will be tracked.

International students (fee paying) and Exchange Program Students (SRP funded) will be enrolled in a manner consistent with the guidelines for enrolment of international students of the Department of Education and Training (DET).

Students over the age of 18 can enrol at Beaufort Secondary College after all of the factors as outlined on the DET website have been taken into account. Refer to the DET policy library.


This policy can be found in the Department’s Policy and Advisory Library

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