Uniform Policy

It is the policy of Beaufort Secondary College that all students wear our school uniform. Students must wear the uniform each school day, including to and from school and the uniform must be presentable at all times. Students are to wear their uniform during sporting events, excursions and when representing the College. The uniform has been designed for easy maintenance, student comfort and student protection.

By having a compulsory uniform Beaufort Secondary College aims to:

  • Encourage a sense of pride and belonging amongst our students
  • Promote a positive image of our school in the community
  • Identify our students as belonging to BSC
  • Develop a mutual respect amongst students by minimising visible evidence of economic or social differences
  • Account for health and safety risk/s in student participation in curriculum activities

These ultimately reflect our school’s values of Respectful Relationships, Excellence and High Expectations.

Furthermore, BSC is committed to supporting a positive transition into meeting workplace expectations. This means that:

  • Earring studs or small earring sleepers may be worn; discreet necklaces are acceptable
  • The only facial piercing permitted is a small nose stud. Students will be asked to remove all other facial piercings
  • Students’ hair must be of a natural colour and tied back if past shoulder length
  • Any tattoos must be covered at all times
  • Make up and nail polish should be discreet and natural
  • Skirts, dresses and shorts should be kept at an acceptable length – between the knee and mid-thigh
  • Out of uniform clothing that can be seen under the uniform is not acceptable e.g. hooded tops.

When the full uniform cannot be worn for some reason, parents are asked to provide a note. Students not wearing correct uniform may be provided with a uniform to wear for the day.

School Council requires that the following uniform be worn by all students:

Summer Uniform

BSC School Dress

BSC Navy Blue Shorts and White Shirt (tie optional)

or BSC Polo Shirt with Plain Navy Socks


Dresses, kilts and shorts should be no shorter than just above the knee in length.

Winter Uniform

BSC Kilt with White Shirt (tie optional) with Navy Socks or Tights

Navy Blue Slacks with White Shirt (tie optional) or BSC Navy Polo Shirt with Navy Socks


Summer Uniform

White Shirt (tie optional) or BSC Navy Polo with Navy Shorts

Winter Uniform

White Shirt (tie optional) or BSC Navy Polo Shirt and Long Navy Trousers with Navy Socks



BSC Rugby Jumper or BSC Navy Woollen Jumper

Year 12 students may wear a Year Level Jumper (approved by school council)

BSC Blazer or BSC Puffer Jacket/Vest or BSC Softshell Jacket


Non regulation jackets are not acceptable

BSC Puffer Jacket
BSC Puffer Vest
BSC Softshell Jacket
BSC L/S Polo
BSC S/S Polo
BSC Blazer Uniform
BSC Girls Summer Dress
BSC Girls Winter Uniform A, Navy Slacks
BSC Girls Winter Uniform B, Kilt
BSC Girls Sports Uniform
BSC Boys Sports Uniform

All uniform images are thanks to MSP Photography.

Uniforms can be purchased form Crockers Ballarat, located at 4 Armstrong Street North, Ballarat


Black Leather Shoes


Boots, sport, street, skate, suede and canvas shoes or sneaker boots, even if black in colour, are NOT permitted due to OH&S requirements


Short Sleeve Polo

Long Sleeve Polo

Tracksuit Pants

Sport Shorts – long

Sport Shorts – short


Navy Socks


Bucket Hat with Logo

School Bag


Academic Socks – Navy

Cotton Tights